Black Roof Vs. White Roofing

Jul 26, 2021Blog, Commercial Roofing

When it comes to roofing, you want something that will stand up against the elements and not be too expensive. This is why most business owners prefer an easy-to-install affordable product that protects their everyday business activities from outside threats.

The color of a commercial roof is probably last on the list of priorities of business owners. But what many may not know is that the color of your roof has a significant impact on your business below.

The color of your commercial roofing system affects the way it absorbs heat, its ability to withstand harsh UV rays, and how much heat is contributed back into the surrounding environment. All these factors directly impact the costs of your energy bills at the end of the month.

While you can paint or coat your commercial roof any color you’d like, the most common commercial roofing colors are black and white. Today, we’ll be discussing the differences between these commercial roofing colors and how they may benefit your commercial roof and your business.


Black Commercial Roofing

Black commercial roofing options are typically made from modified bitumen, EPDM, or rubber roofing materials. Black naturally attracts heat; therefore, it’s a perfect choice for businesses in colder climates. By drawing and holding onto the sun’s warmth, your black roof will help lower your heat bills, allowing you to keep your building warm throughout the winter.

This heating feature also reduces snow and ice forming on your roof, reducing your maintenance costs and efforts.

However, black roofing still requires regular maintenance because a large accumulation of dirt and debris will reduce your roof’s heat-attracting features.

If your business is located in a warmer climate, you may want to reconsider installing a black commercial roof. Your black roof will make you spend more money on air conditioning and contribute to the heat island effect.


White Commercial Roofing

White commercial roofing systems are regularly made from TPO, PVC, or white-coated metal roofing materials. Often referred to as the “cool roof” due to their cooling features, white roofs are best suited to businesses located in warmer climates. These white roofs are capable of accurately reflecting sunlight and heat away from your rooftop. This reflectivity rate keeps your building cool, thereby reducing your air conditioning bills.

However, much like black commercial roofing, to reap the benefits of a cool roof, you need to keep your white roofing system well maintained and free of any dirt and debris.

As great as white commercial roofs are at keeping your building cool, they’re not the best at protecting you from the cold elements in winter. You may end up spending more on heating your commercial space during the winter with a white roof.

When it comes to ice and snow formation, white roofing is not as great as black roofing at getting rid of it. Snow and ice need to be removed as soon as possible because standing water can deteriorate your commercial roofing system.

Whichever color you decide to go for, rest assured that Denver Roof Coatings will do an excellent job at providing your commercial roof with a protective roof coating. For all your roofing coating needs, give Denver Roof Coatings a call today!