How Can a Roof Coating Save Me Money in Denver?

Jul 21, 2022Blog, Denver, Roof Coating

Is your roof limping along and about ready to be replaced, but a full replacement just isn’t in the budget?  Have you considered a roof coating instead?  Denver Roof Coatings is your leading roof coating contractor in Denver and can help you save money in both the short and long term when you opt for a roof coating instead of a roof replacement.  A roof coating is an extra, liquid layer that is applied to an existing roof and can extend its life up to 20 years!  Applying a roof coating can save you money in multiple ways.

1. Avoid a Full Tear-Off

The most obvious way that a roof coating will help you save money is by avoiding a full roof tear-off and replacement.  Roof replacements in Denver are EXPENSIVE.  If you’ve found that your roof has some damage and isn’t functioning optimally, but a full replacement is financially not in the cards, a roof coating could extend your roof’s life and save you money.  The removal of your existing roof is, in itself, and expensive endeavor due to labor and disposal costs.  On average, it costs 2-3x more to tear off an existing roof than to apply a roof coating.  Choosing a roof coating also has the added benefit of being a more eco-friendly because it will be applied over the existing roof.

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2. Fast and Easy Installation

Roof coatings also have the benefit of a fast and easy installation.  A good chunk of the cost to tear off and replace an existing roof comes from the cost of labor.  The application of a roof coating in Denver takes 30% less time than a roof replacement on average.  Not only does this mean less man hours to pay for, but it also means less disruption to your business.  As everyone knows, time is money and every minute of disruption to your every day business is lost money.  Roof coatings can prevent any disruption to business because:

  • The existing roof will remain in place
  • The coating has a fast installation
  • The coating doesn’t require heavy duty equipment

3. Decreased Energy Bills

Roof coatings, in general, are an energy efficient option because they offer good insulation and they close any air leaks in the existing roof that will lead to lack of efficiency in heating and cooling.  Adding a reflective coating to your Denver roof makes things even better!  A reflective roof coating offers an estimated 15-35% savings per year on energy costs.  When light is reflected away from the roof and building, especially in the hotter summer months, less heat is absorbed into the building.  This means your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the building, which means more money in your pocket at the end of the year.

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4. Reduced Roof Maintenance

The Denver climate can take a toll on a roof, leading to the need for regular and sometimes expensive maintenance.  Roof coatings require fewer repairs than other roofing systems and are not as susceptible to wear and tear.  Additionally, if they do experience wear and tear and you still aren’t ready for a full roof replacement, a second coating can easily be applied over the first.  Less regular maintenance and fewer repairs means even more savings over the life of your roof.

Does a roof coating sound like the solution to your roofing problems in Denver?  Call Denver Roof Coatings, today, to discuss your options and see what we can do for you!