Maintenance Tips to Avoid Damage to Your Flat Roof this Spring

Mar 14, 2023Blog, Commercial Roofing, Denver, Flat Roofing, Roof Coating, Roof Maintenance

Spring is on its way and soon it will be time to clean up all of the debris and chaos brought on by the cold winter months. Some things on a clean-up list for any home could be removing any dead or damaged branches on the property, inspecting the attic for water damage, and cleaning out the gutter system. 

What about those with a flat roof? What maintenance tips can be done to keep your flat roof working in tip-top shape? While having a flat roof offers different challenges than a sloped roof, having a plan is key to years of protection.

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Do a Regular Inspection

It is best to know of any problem areas on the roof and keep an eye on them. A flat roof is relatively easy to walk on, therefore it will be easy to determine any soft spots, fractures, pools of water, or loose seams. These areas should be investigated thoroughly by a professional once they are noted. A quality roofer will detect weak areas and can predict future damage if not properly taken care of. They are trained to see and understand things we just aren’t knowledgeable about. 

Keep Your Roof Debris Free

Take the time to remove any branches, limbs, or additional debris that has been collected over the winter months. The collection of debris can cause water to collect, or mold and mildew to begin to form. It is best to clean off the area regularly, especially after nasty storms. Animals love to create homes in the nooks and crannies of a flat roof, so look out for them as well.  

Trim Branches

Trees will continue to grow and offer lovely shade. However, they can litter on a flat roof. Trim back the branches or limbs that can cause problems to your roof. If you have concerns about how to do the trimming or don’t have the proper equipment, contact a local professional for assistance. (Why hiring an arborist can save your roofs?)


Unfortunately, leaks do happen, even on flat roofs. If you notice an area in the building that seems to have water stains or discoloration on the ceiling, it is time to seal up the leak on the roof. Not taking care of this damage will only result in a more costly bill down the road.

roof maintenance, flat roofing, commercial roofing, roof coating, Denver

Clean Gutters

Even on flat roofs, it is wise to clean out any gutters or drains. Water must have a safe place to go, and if the gutters and drains are clogged with debris, it will begin to collect and future damage will occur. Be sure to inquire to a local roofing company with assistance in gutter cleaning if safety is a concern. (Why gutter guards are important?)

Recoat Your Roof

The coating on a flat roof can last for nearly 15 to 20 years. Regular maintenance and inspections can help to extend the life of the roof. When it comes to recoating the roof in Denver area, only trust a reliable roofing company to do so. 

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