Some Interesting Things To Know About Your Reflecting Roof Coating

Apr 22, 2022Blog, Roof Coating

Reflective or “cool roof” coatings generally refer to light-colored roof coatings that are capable of deflecting a significant sum of the sun’s rays away from your rooftop. While most flat roofing systems and roof coatings are dark or black in color, simply due to tradition and convenience, business and homeowners are beginning to realize the benefits of light-colored or reflective roof coatings. If you’re one of them, carry on reading as we expand on some of the interesting things you need to know about reflective roof coatings.

Denver reflective roof coating

The Sun Vs. Your Roof

The sun is probably one of your rooftop’s biggest enemies. People often underestimate the power of the sun’s UV rays, but your roofing system knows all too well just how damaging these rays can be. The roof of your home is often in direct sunlight. Having consistent sun rays on your rooftop can lead to materials blistering, drying out, becoming brittle, and cracking. By coating your flat rooftop in a reflective roof coating, you can limit the damaging effects of the sun as these coatings are capable of deflecting the sun away from your roof. Some coatings can even deflect up to 80% of the sun’s rays.

Maintenance Cost Reduction

By deflecting the sun’s harmful rays away from your rooftop, your reflective coating can drastically reduce the damages caused by the sun. If your roof sustains minimal sun damage, you’ll likely pay significantly less for your roof’s maintenance.

Interior Temperature Regulation

Your home won’t overheat during those hot summer months, thanks to your reflective coating. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy pleasant cool conditions inside your home. When you’ve spent enough time lounging in the summer sun, you’ll know that the inside of your home is the perfect temperature to continue your summer lounging.

Energy Efficiency

When the sun is no longer able to overheat your home, you’ll be able to save quite a bit of money on your air conditioning bills. That’s right, thanks to your reflective roof coating, you’ll barely have to switch on your air conditioning at all this summer. With a reduction in air conditioning use, you’ll save money, and your home will be a little more energy-efficient.


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