Common Roof Coating Issues Experienced By Denver Business Owners

Apr 13, 2021Blog, Commercial Roof Coating, Denver

Roof coatings are a great addition to any commercial roofing system. They help prolong the lifespan of your roof, reduce your energy consumption, add aesthetic value to your building, and protect it from harsh weather conditions. As great as roof coatings may be, they do come with their fair share of issues when your commercial roof is not maintained correctly, or they are applied to your roof incorrectly.

At Denver Roof Coatings, we believe in providing our customers with only the best roof coating services that money can buy. As the leading roof coating company in Denver, we go the extra mile to ensure that your commercial roof thrives with the addition of an exceptional roof coating.


While we hope that you never experience issues with your roof coating, these are some of the problems that we’ve come across in the Denver community.


Incorrect Coating Application

Coating your commercial roof may sound like an easy job, but there are a few ways in which your coating project can go wrong. Applying the coating too thin to your roof won’t give it the sufficient protection that it needs. This may also lead to the solvent evaporating. Applying a layer that’s too thick may also cause ripples and bubbles in your coating. This is due to the different layers of the coating drying at different times and temperatures.

Applying the Coating During Cold and Wet Temperatures

One needs to apply roof coatings during moderate and low-humidity conditions. Applying the roof coating during cold weather may prolong its setting time. Should you apply the roof coating during moist conditions or heavy rainfall, you risk your coating washing away.


Poor Mixture

Before applying the coating to your roof, it needs to be mixed correctly to ensure the appropriate consistency so that you can get the most out of your roof coating. Stirring too softly can lead to heavy materials sinking to the bottom, and stirring vigorously may cause bubbles to form in the mixture.


Decrease In Coating Protection

Your roof coating is bound to deteriorate over time due to the consistent exposure to the elements. Lack of maintenance can also lead to the breakdown of your roof coating. Be sure to regularly clean your commercial roof and remove any ponding water and debris.

It’s important to remember that a roof coating won’t save your roof if it requires repairs or a complete replacement. It’s always important to perform regular inspections and maintenance on your roof. Don’t hesitate to give Denver Roof Coatings a call for professional roof coating services!