Applying Roof Coatings To Your Rubber Rooftop In Denver

Jan 23, 2022Blog, Denver, Roof Coating

Many commercial buildings have rubber roofs for protection. Rubber roofs provide exceptional durability and protection, but they need to be maintained to keep them in tip-top shape. If your rubber roof has seen better days, but you don’t want to shell out the big bucks to fix it, a rubber roof coating may be what you’re after.

Different roofs take different types of coatings. There are many different types of roof coatings on the market, and they all serve different purposes. There’s no one size fits all solution, but our rubber roof coating company in Denver can help determine what’s best for you.

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Why Should You Apply a Coating?

Applying a coating to your rubber roof, as with any other roof coating, is easier and more affordable than installing a new roof. Rubber coatings are a slightly more expensive option, but they’re incredibly durable.

A rubber roof coating can prevent moisture seepage and leaks as well as more effectively insulate your building. It protects your building from harmful UV rays and becomes an insulator of heat in the winter. With increased temperature regulation, you’ll save money on your heating and cooling bills.

Rubber roof coatings prevent debris from sticking to your roof, so while it may accumulate, it will be much easier to clean. It protects your roof from corrosion, prevents water leaks, and makes your building more energy-efficient.

You can postpone replacing your roof for at least ten years, and often up to 30 years, with a rubber roof coating because it extends the life of your current roof. In fact, the rubber roof coating needs very little maintenance. Rubber roof coatings also have elastic properties that allow them to expand and contract with your roof, and they won’t incur stress from the change of seasons.

Types of Rubber Roof Coatings

There are two types of rubber roof coating: rubber sheet coating and liquid rubber coating. Most rubber roof coatings will fall into one of these two categories. If you need a coating outside of these two types, a professional rubber roof coating service would be able to help you determine what best suits your building.

Rubber Sheet Coating

Rubber sheet coating is sold in sheets and requires an adhesive for installation. It requires some training and expertise in applying the adhesive and laying the sheets. The adhesive can be expensive, and it’s best to have professional rubber roof coating contractors carry out the work.

The tricky installation process makes rubber sheet coating slightly more expensive to install. There are a variety of shapes, styles, and patterns, so you can choose what you like from a variety of options or customize your own.

Rubber sheet coating is perfect for commercial installations because when you order the material in bulk, you have more options. The interlocking sheets provide better protection over large areas and prevent moisture seepage.

Liquid Rubber Coating

Liquid rubber coatings are very easy to apply and are less expensive than other rubber coatings. They brush on like paint and will immediately bind to your existing roof. Your budget can determine how many coats you use, but you can apply as many layers of liquid rubber as you like to suit your needs.

Liquid rubber coatings come in many colors, so you get to choose which you like the best. A rubber roof coating company can help you decide which color would best suit your needs regarding sun reflection and insulation if those are your main concerns.

Applying and Maintaining Rubber Roof Coatings

The process for applying a rubber roof coating varies depending on the type of coating you purchase. Some are applied with adhesive, and others are brushed on like paint. The adhesive variety is more complex and requires the expertise of a professional.

After you have your rubber roof coating installed, maintaining it is easy. It requires very little upkeep or attention. It’s exceptionally durable and resilient and will add decades of life to your existing roof.

Rubber Roof Coating Cost

Rubber roof coating costs can vary depending on the type you use and the size of your building. Rubber roof coatings can be more costly than other types of coatings, but they’re incredibly durable and add more life to your roof than any other coating type.


If you have a rubber roof or are pursuing rubber roof coatings for your building, contact Denver Roof Coatings. We can help you assess your needs, customize your solution, and provide you with a free quote. Our experienced professionals will provide quick and easy installation so you can save money and enjoy the durability of your roof for a long time.