Choosing A Roofing Coating Over A Roof Replacement

Jul 14, 2021Blog, Roof Coating

Roof coatings are polymer-based liquid compounds that can be rolled or sprayed directly onto your flat residential or commercial rooftop. Roof coatings help to extend the life of your existing roof, thus delaying an expensive roof replacement. It protects your flat roofing system from light, water, and other elemental damage. Roof coatings are used to prevent cracks, corrosion, and other damages caused by weathering. At Denver Roof Coatings, we provide professional commercial roof coating services in Denver and surrounding areas.


Why Choose A Roof Coating Over Replacement

It costs a great deal to replace an entire commercial roof, and if you have a large building, the cost only increases. If you know your roof is weakening or reaching the end of its life, but you simply don’t have the money right now, it may be time to consider a roof coating solution. This is one of the most affordable and effective ways to prolong the life of your commercial roof.

Saving money on your HVAC bills is one of the benefits you can enjoy by applying a roof coating. By installing this, it will make sure that your heating and cooling systems are not running on overdrive by helping to insulate your building and maintain consistent temperatures throughout.


The Advantages of Roof Coatings

We strongly recommend considering roof coating for commercial properties. It’s an easy way to unlock the full potential of your commercial roof, regardless of its existing material. These are just a few of its advantages:

  • Significantly extends the life of the roof by up to 10-20 years.
  • Allows business owners to avoid the immediate costly expense of a full roof replacement.
  • Provides an additional barrier against weathering effects.
  • Saves you money on HVAC energy expenses.
  • Qualifies your business for tax rebates.
  • Minimizes maintenance costs over time.

Roof Coating Options

The different coating options for your roofing can make it difficult to choose the right solution. Some materials require multiple layers of coatings, while others are applied directly on top of your roofing materials. It is important that you discuss these options with your roofing company before making any decisions.



Asphalt-based roof coatings use a solvent to make them thinner and easier to apply to a roof without heavy equipment. It can be brushed or sprayed on, and it works best on metal roofs, built-up roofs, and membrane roofs.



If you need a roof that will last, invest in one with acrylic or elastomeric coatings. Acrylic is strong but flexible and can prevent rusting on your metal roof. It’s easy to apply via a spray nozzle, which means the process goes quicker than most other methods for coating roofs without sacrificing quality.

It also provides some great value by being cost-effective and suitable for all climates while providing excellent protection against corrosion.


Rubberized Aluminum

A rubber aluminum coating reflects heat and is incredibly resilient to impact. It doesn’t damage easily and can be used on built-up roofs, single ply roofs, spray polyurethane foam, and modified bitumen roofs.



Polyureas are one of the best roof coatings on the market. These polymers provide corrosion resistance, abrasion protection, and waterproofing features to your flat roofing systems. Polyureas coatings are often found on metal, singly-ply, and modified bitumen roofing.


Time To Upgrade Your Flat Roofing System

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