How Do Roof Coatings Work?

Jun 8, 2022Blog, Roof Coating

A functioning roof is vitally important to the health and structurally integrity of your home or business.  Failing roofs can lead to extensive damage both inside and outside the building.  Unfortunately, roofs can also be expensive to replace and a full replacement isn’t always in the financial cards when you need it.  That’s where roof coatings come in.

What Are Roof Coatings?

Roof coatings are a polymer-based liquid compound that is rolled or sprayed onto an existing roof.  They’re an affordable and effective option for residential and commercial consumers to extend the life of an aging roof when a roof replacement isn’t possible.

How Do Roof Coatings Work?

A roof coating functions by applying the liquid polymer compound to the existing roof where it binds to the roof as an added layer of protection.  There are essentially three steps to successfully applying a roof coating.

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1. Prepare the Roof

Extensive and important prep work is necessary for a roof coating to properly function.

  • Thoroughly inspect the roof to ensure things like vents, drains, chimneys, etc are properly attached and undamaged.
  • Clean the roof completely and allow it to dry.  It must be entirely free of dirt and debris that might inhibit adhesion.
  • Repair any minor damage to the existing roof like cracks, holes, and loose seams.

2. Apply the Coating

Once the roof is prepared the roof coating can be applied.  Depending on the chosen coating material, the liquid will be rolled or sprayed onto the roof.  A highly trained technician will follow product-specific guidelines for best practice from the initial application to curing time to make sure the roof coating functions properly.

3. Final Inspection

Once the roof coating is completed, your roof coating expert from Denver Roof Coatings will perform a final inspection of the roof to ensure complete satisfaction and that the product and application apply to warranty guidelines.

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Benefits of Roof Coatings

Roof coatings come with many benefits for both residential and commercial customers.


Roof coatings are an eco-friendly option because they produce minimal waste.  The original roof will not need to be completely removed and the application process itself produces very little waste.


Roof coatings are very durable when they are applied by an expert technician like the crew at Denver Roof Coatings.  They come with warranties that can match the warranty of your original roof, so you know that they’re going to last.


A roof coating runs about 40-60% of the cost of a new roof and can extend the life of your roof by 10 or more years.  This makes them a cost-effective solution for a failing roof when you don’t have the means or finances for a complete replacement, yet.

Low Maintenance:

A well installed roof coating requires very little maintenance to keep it in good shape.  Keeping the roof clean and having regular, professional inspections to catch any damage before it spreads will ensure your roof coating reaches its full potential.

Is your residential or commercial roof in Denver failing but a roof replacement is too far out of reach.  Consider a professional roof coating from Denver Roof Coatings to extend the life of your roof at a fraction of the cost.  Call the reliable roof coating company in Denver today for a free inspection and to discuss your options!