New Year, Better Roof: How a Roof Coating Can Be More Beneficial Than a Roof Replacement

Jan 13, 2023Blog, Commercial Roof Coating, Denver

Has the time come to do something about your commercial roof? Is it beginning to show signs of needing repair? Probably one of the first questions is whether it is more beneficial to coat the current roof or to replace it with a new one? Let’s look at some of the benefits of roof coating vs roof replacement

What is a Roof Coating? 

A roof coating is an extra layer of protection applied to an existing roof. It is designed to expand and contract together with roofing materials depending on the weather conditions. The coating is applied with a spray, roller, or brush. 

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What Types of Roofs Use Coatings?

Why Should I Consider a Roof Coating vs. Roof Replacement? 


The cost to coat a roof can be anywhere from 40 to 70% less expensive than the cost of replacement. When a roof is removed, there must be a place to put all of the debris. Most generally this will all end up in a landfill. By coating a roof, this expense can be eliminated and the landfills won’t get overrun with this material. Many times, there are several layers of material that make up a commercial roof so the process of removal would be very time-consuming. 


As mentioned above, when a coating is applied rather than removed, the landfills won’t be cluttered with additional material. Roof coating is an amazing green option. 

Extend the Life of the Roof

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Due to the heat of summer UV rays, a roof can take on quite the damage. Small cracks can form giving way to leaks and openings. By sealing a roof, these cracks can be filled. This will extend the life of your current roof by adding a layer of protection. This will add longevity to your roof and reduce any maintenance expenses down the road. 

Reduce Energy Costs

A roof with a reflective coating will not absorb the sun’s rays. This property keeps the roof and the building cooler, which allows for lower monthly energy bills. 

Reduce Noise

When a roof needs to be resealed, business can continue as usual in the building. There is minimal noise pollution and not much waste. This will allow customers to come and go without disruptions. There are also minimal unpleasant smells, so this process should not bother the customers. 

As you can see, there are many benefits to roof coating when compared to a full roof replacement. But where do you turn when a roof coating is needed? Look no further than Denver Roof Coatings. We are a family-owned business with over a decade of experience in roofing. 

We have established a three-step process to success with your commercial roofing project, after the initial free roof inspection and analysis.

  • A thorough cleaning of the roof to ensure a smooth coating finish
  • The coating is applied
  • Review the finished product and discuss long-term maintenance options

Call Denver Roof Coatings today to discuss how we can help extend the life of your roof! 

Save money by coating, not replacing your roof!